Friday, December 10, 2010

To Everything There Is A Season

"To everything, turn, turn, turn."
~ I think it's the beatles, but I have no idea =p

Since my separation, I have been living in pure bliss. Yes, there have been rough times. There have been nightmares about the ex, times of being so broke I couldn't afford food, job hunts, working through issues of living with (beautiful) roommates... it hasn't been perfect, per say. But to me, it's been the happiest time of my life. I have NEVER been happier. I've had miracles happen and dreams come true. I've been given a second chance at the life I've dreamed of. I've made progress on pursuing my career dreams. I've had amazing experiences, I've served in ministry, I've made a boat load of new, wonderful friends... really, I couldn't ask for anything more. Well, ok, I have a wishlist, but it's in progress, and many of those things I could technically live without :)

The point is - I've been HAPPY.

And while I've been living in this bliss, I've thought a lot about how I never want it to end. When you're happy, blissfully happy - especially after a season of deep pain - you give in to all of those niave "Why does there have to be pain and hard times?" thoughts. I've definitely succumbed.

And then this week, I was given a life-changing announcement. One that interrupts my happily unwedded bliss. It's not definite yet... but the implications and possibilities have already hit my heart somewhat hard. These changes will have an emotional toll, but it will also have a financial toll, a stress toll... and I've been freaking out more, I realize now, than I should be.

Because if these changes happen, it will be because they are God's will, not just the person's will. And therefore, I can trust him with the consequences that might have some effects on my own life that I don't like very much at the time. I am having to remind myself that God is in control. That, if this is His will for this person's life, it is His will for MY life too - and He will take care of the consequences. And finally, that all things work together for the good of those that love Him.

I've thought a lot about suffering since I've been back in CO. Actually, moreso just these past few months. Mostly, because I after having gone through much, I was petrified of the thought of going through more (knowing it is inevitable), and was hoping to push it as far away as possible, ward it off. I thought about the two different kinds of suffering - the kind that you inflict on yourself through sin, and the kind that God allows to happen to you through no fault of your own. When the suffering you experience is the latter kind, you can trust God's intentions and trust Him to bring you through it no matter what. You can trust Romans 8:28. When it's the first kind, you need to repent before that is true.

This kind of (possible) change, and any sadness or stress or pain it might cause me, is the latter kind. So I've had to remind myself that I can trust God.

The phrase that God has always whispered in the bad times that I haven't been able to control (the latter kind of suffering or after repentance for the first kind), knowing when I've needed comfort is, "It will be o.k."

And He still whispers that to me now.

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