Monday, December 27, 2010

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Hey ya'll!

I hope you all had the most wonderful Christmas possible. Mine was quite fantastic. It was the first family Christmas I've had in 3 years, even if it wasn't my family by blood. Ever since my parents started going through rough times, I developed the habit of adopting families everywhere I go. It started with a family named the Austins in Virginia, and continues today with the Starkeys, the Aukers, the Semroskas.... :) I truly adore every family and every "parent" that has gone out of their way to make me feel like their own!

But, that's a tangent ;)

Today we continue our exploration of "Love and War," by John and Stasi Eldredge. I haven't listened to much lately, because I took a break to enjoy Christmas music instead. I love Christmas music. It just has a way of feeling so much more magical than regular music... and not just because it coincides with lights shining everywhere and snow on the ground. Well, snow on the ground for the East Coast, maybe. Denver has yet to see any of that =p

Another tangent!

The latest ingredient in the recipe for marital success that John and Stasi Eldredge have concocted through experience and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit is a shared adventure. This is a term they use a lot. They believe that it is a part of men and women's DNA - the desire for a shared adventure. They claim that if a husband and wife don't have a shared sense of purpose, a shared mission - something they are working towards together OUTSIDE of raising children and making a happy home, then their marital relationship will suffer.

I find myself agreeing with this. The couples that I have seen partnering together in an endeavor (especially ministry) are also, coincidentally, quite strong couples. Additionally, a man who shares major dreams and goals in common with me is something I strongly desire in a future husband. I want a husband who shares in my mission and my life passions. A husband and wife whose callings complement each other or match, I believe - and so do Stasi and John - have higher chances of marital success.

Just add it to the long and ever growing list of qualities I'm looking for in that lucky man ;) Ok, it's not truly "ever growing." But sometimes I feel that the core items that mean the most to me are quite a few! And I know that God's the only one who can put them all together in one package... that's why God's supposed to be the one to write your love story.

If you're not currently betrothed, and even if you are - I believe you can still let God write your love story into a happy ending.

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