Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting Down to Business

As the new year quickly comes upon us, I am resuming preparations to embark on a grand adventure starting in 2011 - launching my freelancing writing and consulting business, Ink Box, LLC.

I am super excited for this, as I have been wanting to launch my own business for three years now. I am an entrepreneur at heart - even dreaming up new businesses as I write this ;) There's an idea for a new ministry brewing in my mind as well these days! But more about that later.

Even though this is the fulfillment of a dream, I of course have the typical doubts any new entrepreneur would have. I worry about how I'm going to take a daytime meeting while I'm still moonlighting, how I'm going to drive the client relationship once someone wants to work with me, how I'm going to manage my time in order to stay on top of everything, and most importantly - what am I going to wear to networking events?

I am sure these are things many entrepreneurs worry about. I am sure I'm not alone in this. This is not a singular experience. And YOU can be sure that I'll be freely blogging about my experiences here on www.SaraFachetti.com.

Get ready to learn about the entrepreneurial experience from a first hand point of view!

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