Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Perks of a Party of 1

So, I've been writing about my thoughts, feelings, and reflections as I've been reading through "Love and War," John and Stasi Eldredge's latest and greatest. It's been incredibly insightful, and I recommend it to everyone, married or single.

BUT - for as much as I may be trying to work on having a heart that is open to the idea of a new relationship (in the future), I climbed into my bed last night - my incredibly comfortable bed - and thought to myself "I LOVE that this bed only fits one."

I believe that comes from the fact that I'm not just coming out of a marriage, but an abusive one. When the person who is supposed to treat you the best starts to treat you the worst, you begin to appreciate your safety a whole bunch more. So sleeping in a twin bed makes me feel safe. No one else can get in it and violate my safety. My room is MY room... no unwanted visitors! It may sound silly. But it means a whole dang lot to me.

Sometimes, the person you need to look after the most is you.

And I realized after I thought that, that even though I am working on my healing and desire to get to the place where I am able to open my heart again, I am still in a place where I have no desire for that right now - I'm working for it so that it will happen SOMEDAY, not right now. For the first time in my life (since blossoming into a teenager and having those desires for a relationship awakened), I LOVE being single. Might've taken a bad marriage to get here, but I am happy that I'm here! I'm content being single. I LOVE it. There's something about realizing the realities of living with a romantic partner that make you forever grateful for the blessings that come with NOT!

So, cheers to being single - my worth is not defined by being in a relationship, except the one I have with Jesus!

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