Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

On January 24th, 2010, I started this blog with a post called "The Confession." This post confessed my sin in marrying a man that I should not have married. One who turned out to be abusive emotionally and physically as well as dishonest and unfaithful. At that point I was separated from him and have since cut off all communication with a protective order against him. I planned to proceed with a divorce as it was now biblically ok for me to do so and in my best interests.

I have struggled a bit financially since I separated from him. Though I had a job when I moved back to Colorado, it was not God's will for that job to work out, and I am currently searching for a new one and whatever God has for me. God has graciously provided me with a free lawyer - a friend of a friend who works for a very reputable law firm in Denver.

While God has graciously provided for my needs this month in terms of money for bills and food, I am without the money that I need to pay for the fees in order to complete the divorce - I am still responsible for those, though I am not responsible for the fees I would normally incur for hiring the lawyer. I am meeting with him on Friday in order to sign the papers, and I need to bring in all or a portion of the fees.

I would like to ask those who have read my story, followed my blog, or been a friend who has helped me through this ordeal to prayerfully consider assisting me with the divorce filing fees. At this point I need about $400 to cover the filing fees and the fees to serve my husband with the papers. Though I know I wouldn't receive the money in time for Friday, it would help me immensely, even if I was delayed in making the payment. Please know that I would not ask if it were not a sincere need. I trust the Lord for all of my provision, and one of the ways that He often provides is through the giving of others. If you feel led in your heart to give, it would mean the world to me. You would forever be in my prayers and my heart.

I am going to attempt to set up a paypal link on my blog for you to easily be able to make a donation that way. if you would like to mail a check, please contact me at for my contact information.

Thank you a million times over, from the bottom of my heart. The support and love I have received since being back home has left me in awe and utter gratitude. It is all the proof I need to know that God loves me, has a plan for my life, and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I love you all.


  1. Hi Sara, it's Diane (WORD!) :) I have to confess that I have been secretly reading your blog for, like, months, lol, and I have to say that I really admire your courage and your strength. You seem to have remained so strong through all of this, and I want to do everything I can to help you out. (Granted I have very little money myself, making less that $30k a year and living on Long Island, but eh, details details lol.)

    When you announced you got married on facebook a while back, I have to say I was surprised and confused. Who was this person, and why didn't she mention him before? Where are all the fun wedding pictures? Something didn't seem right to me and I feel upset and guilty that that ended up coming true. :( I've always considered you to be someone who makes good decisions, and while hindsight is always 20/20, and love is always blind, I am so happy to see you're brave enough to leave this schmuck and take steps to ensure he'll never be in your life ever again. So many women stay with guys like that and deny that there's a problem; I admire you so much for taking the initiative to kick his ass. :D

    Please let me know how I can help.

    <3, Diane

  2. Hang in there Sara. God is good and provides in amazing ways, doesn't He?
    You are in my thoughts and prayers, girl!
    P.S. I second what your friend Diana said, good job for taking the initiative to leave when you knew things weren't right. I kicked his butt once already, but I'll do it again if he ever hurts either of us again.