Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

After not seeing my dad for more than a year (that's how things go these days!), he came out to CO for a special Father/Daughter photog bonding trip to Telluride, CO. Our first trip to CO was to Telluride 13 years ago - so it was kind of commemorative! It was also my first photography trip since getting my first digital SLR camera. Here is some of the handiwork that resulted :) Click on any of the pictures at the bottom to see my Picasa album of the photos I took on our trip!

It was a great trip. We stayed in an awesome condo in Mountain Village. On day 1 we biked and went on a 4x4 tour, and on day 2 we did Ouray and visited the waterfalls. The views everywhere were amazing, the atmosphere in town was fun, and so was interacting with the "local" who led our 4x4 tour.

Still, as great as any vaca might be, I am still happy to be home... there is just nothing that beats home sweet home :) Now, it is on to watching God provide for me in the coming weeks as He continues to unveil the direction for this season in my life!

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