Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New Adventure in Ministry!

Dear Friends,

After much prayer and anticipation, I am thrilled to announce that I am an intern for Heaven Fest 2010 - AND their retail director!!!

Heaven Fest is a huge one day Christian music festival here in Colorado (this year in Longmont). This year there will be over 70 bands, and it goes all day long on July 31st. It is an awesomely fun event, and a large portion of the proceeds go to benefit other ministries such as Love 146. The video this link takes you to is a good introduction to their organization.

I felt led to apply for this internship because I feel it is an open door to pursuing the vision for a new ministry the Lord has given me. This ministry will encourage youth to strive for lives of purity and Godly standards, largely through the Christian music industry - at least, that is the vision God has given me! Hence my interest in learning the insides of this ministry that also revolves largely around the Christian music industry. I felt that I could really glean a lot of knowledge and valuable learning experiences from this internship.

While I was at my first interview for the internship, I was introduced to the possibility of also being offered the Retail Director position. This is a volunteer position (both positions are unpaid), overseeing the 7-8 retail booths that benefit Heaven Fest by helping to raise money for those organizations to whom we are planning to donate.

After that interview and during my time of prayer over Heaven Fest, I felt such a peace over working with this ministry that I told Him I would do whatever He wanted me to do with them. I had a second interview with everyone in the core leadership team yesterday, and today I was offered both positions!

While I was already unemployed when I learned about and applied for the internship, I was so convinced that it was divinely ordained that I made it my first priority in my schedule. I am certain this is the Lord's will and that He divinely placed me in these positions, and therefore I am relying on Him to provide for me while I give the best efforts I have in me to Heaven Fest. Though I am still seeking part-time work to help me get by during my time with them, I haven't had any luck yet. I feel like this is just a season that God is calling me to be unemployed while He does a really exciting work in me through this ministry and gives me a blessed experience. I see this as the beginning to the ministry to which He is calling me. I just know that this is going to be a very exciting time!

Thank you to all of my friends and family in Christ that have been encouraging me and supporting me thus far! I know I can rely on you to continue, and I am so thankful for each and every one of you! You have been the biggest blessings during this season of my life. I continually lift you all up in my prayers and thank the Lord for you.

My first day working with Heaven Fest is tomorrow at 10 a.m.! Check back for regular posts about my experiences and how God is working!

Love in Christ,


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