Friday, September 17, 2010

Bowen's Heart

Lately I have been posting a few status updates on Facebook about praying for baby Bowen. Baby Bowen is the newborn son of Matt and Sarah Hammitt. Matt Hammitt is the lead singer of the Christian band Sanctus Real, whose song "Forgiven" is a favorite song of mine and my current ringtone. It reminds me that I am free from all of the shame and guilt of my past because of Jesus dying on the cross for my sins and forgiving me... but that's a whole separate blog post :)

Baby Bowen, when he was still in the womb, was diagnosed with a heart defect. He had to have a risky surgery right after he was born... and sooner that expected (for that condition), he is already stable and doing very well - though he almost died.

I have heard stories about parents whose children were going through a medical crisis before, but I have never been moved as much as I have by this one. I'm not sure why. I think it has something to do with the fact that Matt and Sarah were so transparent with their emotions and what they were going through. I have been touched by their strength as a couple and their commitment to each other as well as to their family throughout this struggle.

I think the great suffering that we experience as humans in this world is one of the most beautiful things about life - because I truly believe that without it, there would be no need for or any such thing as redemption or true joy. I am most moved when I see people holding tight together through a struggle and the joy of coming out on the other side. That's why I want to minister to teens going through their struggles - so that they can have the joy of coming out on the other side that is only possible with Jesus.

Matt and Sarah have been blogging about the developments with Bowen and their feelings/experiences on a website they created called "Bowen's Heart." Below is what I found to be a very poignant and beautiful passage from Matt's latest post:

"As I lovingly stared into Bowen’s eyes just before midnight, my face only inches from his chest, I thought, “this love is an awesome mess.” I know I’m not the first person to think or to say something like that. Many great works of art have titles that are reminiscent of those words. I believe it’s because tension is the place where the worst of life and the best of true hope meet to unveil our eyes to God’s artistic work of redemption. What a mighty and creatively loving God we serve. He allows us to know great pain, so that we can know the greater pleasure of trading it in for purpose."

To read more about Bowen's Heart and leave comments of prayer and support, click Here.

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