Friday, September 10, 2010


Well, I certainly haven't been posting as much as I wanted to lately. These past two weeks have been weeks of adjustments.

I started a new job, which is going well. I have been struggling, however, as I transition into a new season, with finding time for my quiet times with God in order to still get as much time as I need with him. I've also been struggling to define my priorities as I move into a new season of working and seeking to start moving forward on my ministry.

My weekends have ended up being much quieter, however, since Heaven Fest and No Excuses has ended, and that makes me unhappy. I don't like consistently quiet weekends... I like getting out and doing things and having social engagements to attend! So now I feel like I need to seek out more activities and more friends.

I've been adjusting to new terms within a friendship, and navigating those have been a struggle...I'm doing my best. I'm just waiting for a groove to be found and for things to calm down and just get into a consistent and comfortable pattern.

Overall... these have been a hard past two weeks. All the adjustments and things I'm struggling with have translated into me not really being a nice person to live with when I'm home... i.e., my roomies are getting the pleasure of my bad moods when I'm home - or my tiredness and thus me withdrawing quickly to my room. I feel bad about that.

I'm looking forward to, and already enjoying some, of the pleasures that fall brings. I'm thrilled to be enjoying Saints' games all season, thrilled that it's getting cooler, thrilled that cozy fall things like pumpkin spice drinks are back.. excited for sweaters/sweatshirts, hot drinks, fires, blankets... all my favorite fall things. I definitely have great things to look forward to, like finally getting to see my mom for a weekend (it's been more than a year, and usually is between visits). I am looking forward to visiting family for Xmas (that hasn't happened in 2 years). HOPEFULLY also going to a Saints game in person over the holiday.

But still... my heart has definitely been discouraged and suffering through this season transition, and I'm just longing for things to get to a comfortable place and a routine, a groove... so I truly CAN enjoy everything about this season instead of being unhappy the whole time.

Here's hoping, and DEFINITELY praying. God will be faithful to me.

Have a wonderful day, friends.

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