Monday, September 20, 2010

Answers to Prayer and God's Faithfulness

A week ago or so, I wrote about how difficult this transition into a new season has been for me, more difficult than usual. Since then, God has been faithful to provide the answers and experiences and outlets that I've needed in order to ease the pain and overcome the obstacles.

Shortly after writing that post, God helped me to realize that I hadn't been exercising for the few weeks prior. Praise the Lord he pointed that out to me. I had been exercising (nothing impressive, mind you, but enough to get my heart rate up for a while) more than I had in a long time, but I had never noticed the severe drop in endorphins and its effect on me when I've stopped before. Well, there was definitely a drop this time, that without God's help, I might not have noticed. I'm so thankful that I did. Now I realize how important exercise is, not only for my body, but my mind and emotions as well. I've since reinstituted it into my schedule as much as I can (which still isn't much), but it's helped.

Then, God faithfully began giving me social engagements to attend again. The two weekends leading up to that post had been pretty uneventful, after a summer of "eventful," and that was kind of a letdown for me. These past two weekends have been much more friend and fun-filled, and I'm so grateful for that. Good times with friends is so essential to staying emotionally healthy as well!

Another thing that was affecting me was not having as much time to spend with Jesus within the context of my quiet times. I really go for like 2 hours when I'm uninterrupted and I have plenty of leisure time, so only having like 30-45 minutes a day was really hard for me - it's hard for me to feel like it was "quality time." These past two Sundays I have actually skipped church because it was the only opportunity for me to just sit at home with a quiet house and be with alone with Jesus... but thank goodnes I did. I kind of go insane if I don't have that at least one day a week.

This week God really dealt with me on some sin issues and other issues that had been affecting my relationships with my roommates since I've been back in CO that hadn't been addressed. We'd had a roommate night planned for Sunday night, same day He led me through those things, and praise God, I was able to talk about those things in a really good conversation with my roommates. It was freeing, and I felt so much better. I think those things had been affecting me these past 3-4 weeks as well, and I'm so glad they're out now!

So all in all, God has done a lot of work to help me get through this transition time and resolve all of the issues that were difficult for me. I went to bed last night and woke up this morning totally at peace and content about starting another work week.

The only thing that sucks is that I still have two of them before I get to go visit my mommy!!! It feels like forever! I hope they go by quickly!!

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