Friday, July 2, 2010

Heaven Fest/Life Update

Hey Friends!!!

Well, per my last post, I assured my friends and family that I would be posting updates of my experiences with Heaven Fest here on my blog. It's a little overdue, but here is my first update!

First of all, working with Heaven Fest has brought so much joy to my heart. There is a peace that passes understanding when you know deep down in your soul without an ounce of conflict or confusion that you are RIGHT where you are supposed to be - and that is how I feel about Heaven Fest. I've never worked at a job where I haven't a single ounce of desire not to go or not to work there - but that's how it is with Heaven Fest - I never have those feelings about it, and that is a first for me! And a definite praise to the Lord! I've been waiting a long time for this feeling, and God has been so faithful to provide it.

Lately I have been working on some of the logistics for the reatil tents in my position as the retail director. We have finalized and ordered apparel, met some of the managers we will be working with, finalized technicalities like electricity and signs we will be using... all that fun stuff! It has been great! As an intern I do anything and everything. This week that included doing some work in the Heaven Fest Database - which unfortunately I botched the first time! Luckily it was fixable and it did not take long to correct the mistake :)

On June 27th I attended my first leadership meeting, which was amazing! The worship ministered to me greatly, and I was broken with gratefulness that God has blessed me with these positions and the gift of working with Heaven Fest. It is a dream come true that I feel is only the first step to many more dreams coming true - and beyond! I'm so thankful to be in the Lord's will for me and that He is using me in ministry, my heart's desire.

It is officially "crazy time", the month leading up to the big day when everything gets super busy and crazy! But I am honestly excited for that!!! haha. My only conflict right now is what to do about my sleeping accomodations on the night after the big day (which will end during the wee hours of the morning on August 1st. I will be working about 20 hours that day, and I know I will not want to drive 45 minutes to get home! I am praying on what to do about that :)

As far as life goes, I recently suffered a hurt and disappointment by someone I thought was a friend. I was extremely hurt at first, and I wanted to let them know it... after discussing the matter with others, some thought I should. So I wrote a first draft email... but after that, I felt release from everything negative I was feeling about it, and now I feel peace. So much so that I don't even feel the need to finish writing and send the email. Maybe it was simply meant to be a therapeutic exercise :)

My days are definitely steadily busy. I have missed some friends I haven't seen in some time, but thankfully I am beginning to get opportunities to catch up with them.

For those of you praying for me through this journey, I have a few prayer requests:

1) I have learned of a job that is exactly everything I have been dreaming of and praying for regarding the job that I need God to provide me with when my obligations with Heaven Fest are over... but I think it will definitely require God to actually obtain it! Please steadily pray that God's will would be done and that He would open all the doors and do everything necessary to ensure it for me if that is His will. (But I really, really want it!!!)

2) My uncle is getting married on August 15th - right when I am finished with Heaven Fest, and I am responding yes to the invite on faith that God is going to provide me with the money that I need to travel to Massachussetts (a place I also consider my home just as much as NY and CO). Please pray with me that God would provide the money.

3) Please pray for the remaining retail managers and volunteers we need for Heaven Fest. It isn't possible to pull off the big day without them!

4) Please pray for strength to withstand the attacks of the devil on the leadership during this busy time. Please pray for patience and grace with each other! And also for a clear head :)

Thank you all SO much for praying for me and supporting me during this exciting time. Again, if you led to support me financially during this time (I am relying on the provision of the Lord as it is too late to obtain a part-time job at this point and I had difficulty in finding one earlier), you may do so using the Pay Pal button on my blog or sending a check per the direction in my post labeled "An Exciting Update!"

I love you all!

~ Sara

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