Friday, July 9, 2010

What It Means To Give

Dear Friends,

A couple of weeks ago or so, I posted on my blog and snail-mailed/emailed Heaven Fest support letters. Many of the people I sent those to do not belong to Christian congregations (I'm not judging anything against them), and I realized that they might not understand the concept of "financial support" in this kind of a situation. So I am writing a post to explain what I mean when I ask for financial support while I spend my summer working with Heaven Fest.

Heaven Fest is a non-profit organization designed to minister to Christians and non-Christians alike. It promotes worship and God's word. They also donate the majority of the proceeds earned from ticket sales, vendor fees, and merchandise sales to charities that benefit the poor, orphaned, widowed, and sexually trafficked - as we are called to do in the Bible. Heaven Fest wouldn't be possible without donations and efforts of volunteers.

Asking for financial support while I work with Heaven Fest is much like asking for financial support as if I were a missionary going to work in a third world country to bring them the gospel. This summer, Heaven Fest is kind of like my mission field. It where God has called me to minister for His glory.

Many people feel led to support missionaries and events like Heaven Fest because they feel compelled to support the cause. This is what I refer to when I say, "If you feel led to give." You might feel led to give because you enjoy the event, support the cause, or just want to help support me and what I am passionate about this summer. If you don't feel led, however, then of course I would not ask you to give. Part of my motivation for sending a support letter was not to just ask for support, but to let the people that I love and have previously supported and encouraged me through out my life know what I am doing this summer and how excited I am about it.

Many times, God calls us to do things that seem irrational to humans - but he always has a perfect plan and purpose. This summer, He called me to be unemployed and focus my efforts on Heaven Fest. I am very busy... I'm just not getting paid for it. I am lucky that I am receiving some financial support from my ex-husband over the summer (after months of hassle with the military), but it is not enough to cover all of my needs. I did try to obtain a part-time position that would fill in the gaps, but I had no luck. Now, it is about 6 weeks until I am available for full-time employment, so I am focusing my efforts on obtaining a full-time position to begin at the end of August. God's will doesn't always make sense to us, but as long as we are obedient to Him, He will always make a way for us and provide for our needs.

I wanted to write this post to help those of you who might not have been familiar with the idea of financial support in the Christian world understand where I was coming from in sending out my Heaven Fest support letters and also to clear up any misconceptions that I am simply asking for a free ride. I am in the center of God's will for me this summer, and I couldn't be happier. Sometimes God's will requires a risk, but it's always worth it!

I do still need financial support to help me make it through the rest of my time with Heaven Fest. You may of course use the paypal button on my blog for ease and efficiency. I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions or offenses! Regardless of whether or not you enjoyed my letter simply for the update or do wish to give, I appreciate everyone most of all for their love, emotional support, encouragement, and prayers. More valuable than money, I could never survive this life without those things - especially during this most recent season I have been going through. Thankfully, God has completely turned my life around, and Heaven Fest is a big part of that. I am so so thankful to Him for everything and so thankful to be a part of Heaven Fest. It is an enormous gift.

Thank you guys for everything!!!



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