Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happiness is Contagious - Pass it On!

Hey guys! How are you this beautiful Tuesday morning? I am WONDERFUL. You know why? Because God is faithful... and he works in mysterious ways.

So I've been spending the last month in a time-crunched job hunt. I'd gone on several interviews that did not lead to a job offer. Then, I was offered a temp position with the possibility of it becoming permanent (pending an interview). It wasn't what I'd truly wanted, but it was a salary - and that's what I needed. So, I put my name in the drawing.

The week prior, I had submitted my resume for a position for which my friend had referred me. This job had more of the qualities I was looking for in a position, and I became really excited about it. Well, I didn't hear back last week about interviewing for it, so I assumed they weren't interested in me any further.

Cut back to this week. I interviewed for the position I'm temping at, and they want to make a decision today. Right after I interviewed with them, I got a call saying the other job - the one I was excited about - wanted to interview me - today (Tuesday). I had that moment of, "Whoa - what do I do?!" I would need the person I was interviewing with for the second job to make a decision asap, or at least give me some assurance one way or the other, in order for me to give job # 1 an answer.

After a little more excitement and nervousness, I ended up being able to interview for the position at exactly the hour I needed to, according to my schedule with the company where I'm temping. The interview went great. I gave him my elevator pitch, spoke about how genuinely interested I was in the job and why I was a great fit for it, and explained my predicament. He joked about how I was putting him on the spot - but then he assured me that he was interested in me for the position. I still have to interview with one other person, but I think it looks good!! This job is a sales job, which I never thought I would do or was interested in, but I think this is what God has for me. The job has the qualities, the growth potential, and the earning potential in which I'm interested. And higher earning potential means more money to put toward the ministry that I am starting soon :)

So, after much excitement and drama, I am declining position number one on faith that God is providing job number two. I am very happy and completely content with my decision, and so happy, content, and thankful with the way things have worked out. God is just so faithful! I thought this position was a no go, and at the last minute God surprises me and gives me an interview. Awesome!!!

In the meantime, I'll be moonlighting on my ministry. Just to put it out there, I am currently looking for web design and administrative volunteers who have a passion for ministering to teens! Preferrably in the Denver area :)

Oh - and just FYI - Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice contributed to my Tuesday morning happiness ;)

My main message and "moral of the story" today is to never underestimate what God will do... and "do not be anxious for anything" (Philippians 4:13). Even when it seems like God might not have your back... He does. And He doesn't forget and ignore your prayers and the desires of your heart :) He is faithful!

Have a GREAT day, everyone.

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