Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Green, red, and white

Lightbulbs. That's the theme of this post :)

Green, red, and white lightbulbs - ok, so - I'm over it. I LOVE Christmas. I am THAT person that pulls out the decorations and puts on the Christmas music as early as she can. And thanks to consumer America, I'm right in sync with every store and shopping center. After bumming over some difficult memories and feelings that I thought would loom around this Christmas to make it a little difficult, those have left my mind, and I am very much looking forward to the holidays. I will be with people I love and it will be the kind of holiday that I've always wanted. I can't wait. And I can afford to buy people presents this year! Not to mention, I cook now, and food always makes the spirit bright ;) As for Thanksgiving, I am totally psyched for that. Can't wait. Soo glad it's next week! This is going to be a great holiday season.

As for other lightbulbs - well, the lightbulb finally went on with ME! I have written previously about how God worked a series of events that led me on a journey I have been on this fall season in rediscovering my true passions and talents and finally incorporating them into my life. One of them is writing. I have been writing since I was 5. Well, long story short, I am in the process of launching my freelancing business. I'm so close, I can taste it - and that's amazing to me! The lightbulb going on wasn't just in realizing that I had permission to pursue my passions and talents because God gave them to me, but in realizing just how perfect a career in freelancing is for me!

So many things add up to a career in freelancing making sense for me:

- I have wanted to start my own business for three years.
- Um, I majored in journalism =p (A major I ended up having to create myself - showcasing my entrepreneurial spirit!)
- I hate the 9-5
- I hate having to GO to work. I want to stay HOME on snowy days!
- I hate working for other people!
- I desire and cherish being able to make my own schedule
- I am passionate about teens, have always wanted to write for teen magazines, and this allows me to do that.
- This will allow me to write for faith-based publications and organizations, which could lead to the writing/speaking ministry career I dream of.

Basically, a career in freelancing somehow magically puts together all of my dreams, preferences, desires, and goals in ONE. I'm not even quite sure how it all works out that well, but it does!

So, this was one big lightbulb week :) And I am so thankful for lightbulbs!

I have managed to put together all the pieces of the starting-a-business puzzle together in approximately one week - almost less than that. Now I am just waiting until Dec. 1st to determine what my budget will be so that I can afford the incorporation fees. And then I will be in business, baby!

I am so thankful and lucky! YAY :)

Happy Holidays!

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