Sunday, April 11, 2010

Unexpected Change

Completely unexpected! My small, close-knit, more like a family than anything church is closing its doors.

It came as a shock this morning. As I was plucked out of bed and strongly urged to go to church though not feeling good (and already in emotional distress over another topic), I arrived to get an announcement I was not expecting. There were a lot of tears... including my own, the minute the words left Josh's mouth.

But I think God had started planting the seeds in everyone's hearts before this arrived. God started working in each of us in different ways and planting different seeds among us - me for youth, Laura for downtown Denver, Josh and Marleen for the creative arts...

And as sad as it is, I know we will never truly grow apart. We will still be a family, and this isn't an end to our relationships... just a few weekly meetings ;)

They keep calling it "A New Thing"... and I think it really is. I'm really excited for the different ministries that God is going to bring out of this, and I'm excited for how God is going to use me personally. I sense God putting the pieces together for the purpose that He has for me. And I know with complete peace in my heart that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

And though it is sad, I have peace over the Lighthouse closing.

So, I love you, Lighthouse. I'm excited for all the great things that are coming. You will always be my family.

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