Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spiritual Questions

I have a million life/spiritual questions running through my head lately...

How do you maintain a close relationship with God? I know the pat answers of spending time in the Word and prayer... but how, throughout your day, when you can't sit down to read the Bible and pray?

How does an emotionally-controlled person break those habits in order to become mind/logic controlled?

How do you break sin patterns?

How do you break unhealthy emotional patterns?

How do you stop unintentionally not thinking things through before you do them?

How do you stop unintentionally not considering other people's feelings and negative consequences before you act?

How do you surrender something to God, when, even though you've tried, and said you surrender to Him over and over again, somehow it feels like you haven't truly done that... what's the missing step?

How do you truly CHANGE?

How do you keep your focus on God when other relationships are also vying for your attention?

Ugh, feels like I'm trying to solve world hunger. lol. This might take a while.

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