Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Long Time, No See

Yeah, I haven't been here in a while. Life has resumed being incredibly busy - but then again, when it wasn't, I was incredibly depressed, so as overwhelmed as I might be sometimes, I would rather it be this way. I'm thankful to have a healthy social life, a job, a church, and to be progressing with dreams and plans for my future as God decides to bless them.

My life has been filled with amazing blessings since I've been back in CO. I've established and re-established friendships with amazing people, I was blessed with a new engine in my car that I didn't have to pay a penny for, I was blessed with the perfect job that is making me very happy (and paying my bills and benefiting my health!), I've had quality time just being single and loved and cared for.... I've had a renewed and deeper closeness with the Lord.

But as I'm becoming fully integrated into life again, I'm reminded of how hard it is to maintain a close relationship with God on a daily basis. I'm reminded of how hard it is to hear His voice sometimes. I'm reminded of the things I need to work on spiritually. I'm reminded to not lose my priorities. That God is the only One I should be dependent on, that nothing is worth giving up the joy and peace of the Lord for. The reality though is that it is just HARD when you are doing work, school, church, and socializing, not to mention all of the mundane things of life like remembering to pay bills on time...

These past couple of weeks have found me losing touch with God a bit as I've become so busy again... It's just starting to get to me, because that's not the way I want to be, or want my relationship with God to be. It had gotten so close in the weeks after I came back to CO and was experiencing so much blessing. I still am experiencing so many blessings, and I'm so thankful for that and I praise the Lord for that. That is certainly his great mercy and kindness. I just don't want to lose my connection with him, and I'm just reminded this week of how vital it is and how I need to be putting in more effort to do that. A relationship with God is the most important thing anyone can ever have, and the one thing that should never get ignored... I guess I'm just missing him a little today! I'm dedicating as much time as I can to Him tonight, and hopefully waking up early tomorrow morning to start a new routine in which my time with Him is first in my day.

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